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Showcase League


Unfortunately our season has come to an end via a snow out. We were able to get our full regular season schedule completed and we thank all the coaches, players, and families for making the best of a COVID-19 Season. See you next fall.

September 27, 2020 @ Northeast Delta Dental Stadium



Showcase League Return to Play Protocol


Please be advised, anyone who does not follow  the Showcase League’s return to play protocol can be asked to leave the facility immediately.

Proper Hygiene

Players and coaches will practice good hygiene including washing hands and face for more than 20 seconds with soap and water.  Laundering uniforms after every practice and game.  Cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing (note if you are ill do not come to the game, further if you have a fever do not come to the game). Abstain from touching face.

Arrive/Leave Venues

All participants must adhere to the 6-foot social distancing rules while at the venue. Players and coaches are encouraged to travel with only members of immediate family when traveling to and from the venue. No corrugating in common areas or parking lots before or after games. Masks are to be worn off the field.


Players will adhere to the 6-foot rule off the field of play.  Masks to be worn when social distancing is not possible.  Players must have masks on them at all times, not on the field but at the venue.  No sharing of equipment or water.  No Handshakes or high fives.  No gum, sunflower seeds, or any tobacco products at any time are permitted.  Please be advised we do have venues who may prohibit spectators due to the pandemic, we request that all spectators obey the rules of the venue as well as the State for which the game is played, keeping in mind that a state’s quarantine requirements may differ from that of your home state.  Players who travel within a 14 day window, you should become familiar with the requirements of the State we are visiting that weekend, it may mean that you are unable to attend a game.


Coaches will adhere to all player rules plus will be responsible for enforcing the above with their specific teams. Whenever possible equipment will be sanitized including between innings. 


Umpires will be masked and adhere to 6-foot social distancing rules.  No home plate umpires, balls and strikes will be called from behind the pitcher’s mound.  Will avoid exchanging documents and equipment with players and coaches.  Will also enforce rules with players and coaches. 


Spectators are encouraged to stay home and enjoy the games via our live streaming options.  Must adhere to the 6-foot rule at all times and wear a mask when appropriate.  May not enter player areas at any time, again no spectators are allowed on the field at any time.  No exchanging water and food with other spectators, players or coaches.  Any items brought into the venue must be brought out of the venue by the individual who brought them in, there is to be zero trash left at any venue we visit.   Please be advised we do have venues who may prohibit spectators due to the pandemic, we request that all spectators obey the rules of the venue as well as the State for which the game is played, keeping in mind that a state’s quarantine requirements may differ from that of your home state.  Particularly if a spectator has traveled, you should become familiar with the requirements of the State we are visiting that weekend, it may mean that you will have to view the game through our streaming option.  In general we ask you to keep spectators to a minimum this Fall, and when in attendance please practice appropriate social distancing and wear a mask when appropriate.



We are currently in unprecedented times, we all must do our part that said Spectators (where allowed) and Players please remember the following:

Questions to ask prior to going to the game

  • Was your temperature 100 degrees fahrenheit or higher today? - STAY HOME

  • Have you traveled outside of New England in the last 14 days? - STAY HOME

  • Have you been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days?  - STAY HOME

  • Are you experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat? - STAY HOME

  • Are you experiencing any new aches or chills? - STAY HOME

  • Have you had a fever in the last 72 hours? - STAY HOME

  • Have you experienced any new loss of taste or smell? - STAY HOME 

Additional General Considerations for Coaches, Players and Spectators

  • All local/state guidelines and travel restrictions must be followed.

  • No one should attend a Showcase League event if they are experiencing any symptoms consistent with COVID-19.  Everyone should self evaluate before attending any event.

  • Anyone in close contact with a person who has or is suspected of having COVID should follow state and healthcare guidelines and not attend Showcase League Events.

  • Teams (players and coaches) that arrive early should remain distanced from the field until the team they are replacing has completely cleared the field.  All other Guidance expectations still apply during this time.  NOTE NO PARENTS ARE ALLOWED ON THE FIELD OR IN DUGOUTS.

  • Teams are required to clean the dugout of all trash and other items after each game. Clean hard surfaces such as benches, bat racks, etc. upon leaving and arriving at a dugout.  This will comply with the CDC recommendation of a two-step process for cleaning and disinfecting.


Additional Game Considerations

  • Teams should spread players out; expand the dugout area when room permits and only if player safety will not be compromised. Expansion of the team dugouts should not be done into foul ball areas.  Players are encouraged to bring their own chairs.

  • Players should have their own equipment and not share with other players. It is required that players invest in their own helmet (if a hitter) to eliminate the sharing of helmets.

  • It is highly recommended that players bring antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer for disinfecting and cleaning hands between innings. 

  • All players are required to have a mask with them at all venues including games and practices

  • Coaches and Players should refrain from high fives, fist bumps and other actions of similar nature.

  • Each team must have their own set of game balls for when they are on defense. The umpire will not be touching the baseballs.

  • Chewing Gum, Sunflower Seeds and Tobacco Products are not allowed at any of our venues.  We also request that players refrain from spitting.

Additional Considerations Specific to the Spectators

  • Please note that Showcase League at no cost to the spectators the ability to stream every game this season, that said we are not encouraging spectators to attend games.  If fans must attend the game, then please limit the number of fans per player to 2 if possible.  Any fan that attends the game MUST socially distance from other families and is urged to wear a mask the entire game when appropriate social distancing can not be achieved.

  • Fans must wear a mask entering and leaving the facility.



In general many people have concerns about the COVID-19 we ask all of our players and spectators to please be considerate of everyone at all times, considering where we have all come from this year we are truly lucky to have the opportunity to play this fall.

Latest News

Changes to Weekend's Games please review the game schedule


"The Showcase League is an excellent Fall League for High School players that are looking to play at the next level. Over the last few years I have been consistently impressed by the level of competition, and coaching on the field. Although it’s called the “Showcase League” the players truly play as a team and take great pride in winning for their team color. The teams are comprised of players with a good mix of D1-D3 committed and not yet committed talent from New England.  We are looking forward to our final season with the Showcase League this fall. My son’s Geoff and Avery made great progress during the last few fall seasons. I would highly recommend the Showcase League if your goal is to play at the collegiate level." -- Matthew Mosseau


"The Showcase League is a well organized program that provides high school baseball players in New England with the opportunity to play on quality collegiate playing surfaces against top high school competition in front of college coaches and recruiters.  Equally important, it provides high school players the rare opportunity to play with other aspiring baseball players who have been opponents, and even rivals, and develop friendships that transcend high school athletics.  This level of competition and camaraderie provide a unique opportunity for New England high school baseball players."   -- Kevin L. Lavigne


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Kevin McGowan (Nashua, NH) made his Major League Baseball debut August 22, 2017 for the New York Mets.  McGowan was a two time Showcase League All Star before going to the Northeast Division II powerhouse Franklin Pierce University.

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