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Showcase League and Recruiting Edge Baseball Partner Up To Offer Recruiting Videos

09/04/2016, 5:00pm EDT
By Showcase League

Do You Need A Recruiting Video?

A recruiting video is an effective tool as you go through recruitment process, Showcase League has partnered up with Recruiting Edge Baseball to offer recruiting videos to all members of the Showcase League.  

Highlight / Recruiting Video- Professionally Edited

College coaches cannot scout every baseball prospect in person which makes highlight videos an essential evaluation tool. Coaches watch countless hours of film and look for certain skill-sets and qualities at each position. Surprisingly, the big hit or the strike out for the pitcher, may not actually be your best footage and can possibly reveal some weaknesses. Do not make the mistake of inaccurately displaying your abilities as a baseball prospect. 

Videos must be of high quality and correct in layout showing your best footage from the perspective of a college coach. Recruiters will often make their most influential evaluation within the first five plays of a prospect's video. You often hear: "You only have one chance to make a first impression.” -- that is never more true than in the world of college baseball recruiting. 

Let Recruiting Edge Baseball guide you through the process to make your video stand out and gain a competitive advantage.

"You only have one chance to make a first impression.


If you are ready to sign up for a video email us today Cost per video is now $250 for video and $300 for dual position video. Videos will be shot at Sportsplex in Danvers, MA. All videos will be linked to your Showcase League Player Profile page.

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